Sunday, March 10, 2024

Painting - Challenge XIV Finale

  Today's post is more CIS for Star Wars Legion. My youngest son is interested in playing Legion and he has chosen CIS. These models represent the final models to be painted for his first army list. With these completed he can show up for his first game with a fully painted army. 

Ten models to complete an army.

This  is two more B2s to fill out the units to five each, a Dwarf Spider droid with all weapon options, a unit of Magnaguards and Cad Bane.


The Magnaguards are a great unit in the game. they can only be brought in units of four but they are versatile, have two wounds and like to melee with force users.

The lightning on their staves was trickier than I expected but came out OK in the end.

The two B2s are the same as the last two units, just filling them out.

The Dwarf Spider droid is a great model in game. It's a vehicle so it blocks line of sight. It can take a variety of weapons and AI options, and it can explode when it gets near death and deal damage to all units within range 1 of it.

It looks like it  might be fiddly to build but it is actually really easy. Much easier than B1s.

This model is also nice because you can leave it's dome un-glued and switch out the weapons. Everything is tight enough to stay together until you want to switch it out.

All weapon options. Flamer, ion cannon and laser cannon.

The flamer is my favorite looking weapon option.

The final model is Cad Bane, the infamous bounty hunter. He's a powerful and tricksy operative who can wreck havoc if you're not careful.

This is my last entry for this year's challenge. I'm heading to the UK for work, and Rhys will be following next week for a week's vacation. I'd like to call out all of the participants in the Challenge this year for their incredible kindness to Rhys. They were generous in their praise for his entries and in their gently forwarded tips for improvement. He took on many of their suggestions and I feel like he noticeably improved his skills during the last three months.


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    1. Thank you. Now, to anticipate the next things he'll want to try and get those painted.


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