Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Battle Report - Harad vs Gondor

I played a couple of games of LotR last week.  It's too much effort to write them both up, so I'll tell the story through pictures.

The first battle was against the Traveller.  We were brewing up a batch of beer, and smoking some meat, so we were running in and out all day.  He chose Gondor and I had my Haradrim.  We played the same scenario as in the shop the week before.  There were three objectives (yellow dice, I really need to make some).  Warband deployment but within six inches of the table edge.  Extra points for wounding and killing the enemy general.

Rangers in one set of ruins.  Most of my army is bottom right.  One warband top right, opposite Faramir.

I set up to shoot at him.  He forted up his rangers and rushed me on the left.  He held back on the right until half way through the game.

Cirion's warband sprinting through the hail of arrows to try and push me off of the objective.  Cirion planned to kill the Nazgul, what with his "I love to charge terror causers" special rule.
The view from my right hand warband.  Faramir is cowering behind that wall over there.  I was able to shoot into the main battle with these guys since Faramir was hiding.
This is Faramir and hid merry band.  They have that objective locked down but they aren't helping with the rest of the fight.
The rangers are pushing into the ruins to duel the Kharna bowmen.
The two lines are about to meet, finally.
A bit blurry.  The king (bottom left) has just killed Cirion and is working on turning this flank.
From the top it is easy to see that things are going badly for Gondor.  The double envelopment killed them all in a couple more turns.  On another note, the rangers are winning the archer duel.  There were six archers, bottom right, to start with.
Eventually Faramir came out to play.  Surprisingly half of this warband survived.
The game ended with Faramir and a couple of warriors left.  I had two of the three objectives, wounded Faramir and the center was contested.  Failed courage tests had really hurt Gondor, but we just couldn't roll a 1-2 to end the game.  This was a lot of fun, even if it took hours due to cooking various things at the same time.

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