Friday, July 06, 2012

Sci/FI Monday

Now that I'm back at work I've been having a much harder time finding both time and desire for hobby.  Working two jobs just kicks my butt.  By the time I've gotten the boys to bed it's all I can do to read everyone else's blogs.

In an effort to kick things up a notch I'm going to devote Mondays to science fiction.  Every Monday I'll have a post about Sci/Fi.  I was going to start this last week but I had food poisoning and just wasn't up to it.  I was so sick that I was throwing up things I haven't even eaten yet.

The first few posts will lay out the background for my Sci/Fi setting.  I don't know about the rest of you but I need to have a context to put my games in.  Even if I'm not playing an actual campaign I can still place the battles into a campaign like context.

I've written the first post, and it's a doozy.  I won't blame you if you can't wade through the whole thing.  I'll be posting it up on Monday morning, if I can remember before I head off to work.  That will get it up in prime time for my UK followers and it will be waiting for the lunch crowd here in the States.


  1. Just starting 15mm sci-fi myself, will be back on Monday....

  2. I just placed a rather large order with Ground Zero Games... got a lot of Crusties and some UNSC... their shipping costs are brutal >.<

  3. Sweet! Not the shipping costs, the order. 15mm is quick to paint up so there is a chance we can play some time soon. My copy of Tomorrow's War arrived on Friday. So we could play Gruntz or TW.


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