Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Battle Report - Harad/Dwarfs vs Easterlings/Gray Company

This game doesn't lend itself to my usual narrative battle report style; so it's a good thing I've already decided to just do it as a pictorial report.

This game was a four person, team game.  Nick and I had just finished our game of Force on Force and were going to start a game of LotR when Jonathan and his brother arrived.  This was perfect as it let us play four on four.  We played the same scenario as the last two reports.

Since the brothers wanted to be on the same team we ended up with odd match ups, good/evil on each side.

I'm on the left with the Easterlings, and some rangers, opposite me.  I parked in the ruins for most of the game.

Nick was on the right facing mostly Gray Company but with some Easterlings mixed in.
The Dwarfs "sprinted" across the table.  Jonathan was getting an unreasonable number of 6/4s to kill D7 dwarfs.
The Easterlings prepare to flank the advancing Dwarfs.  This would have been a better plan if the Easterlings could have killed a single dwarf the entire game.
The warriors of Arnor and Esterlings charge my ruins, and bounce.  Meanwhile I'm losing the archery duel to the Gray Company.
The Dwarfs finally make it into combat, which is a slap fight for the first few turns.  Amdur was eventually killed here, as was Arathorn, by Kharna shooting.
Blurry pic, but it shows how the rangers and Easterlings fell into Nick's cleverly laid trap.  Now the Dwarfs could attack in all directions, and kill everyone.  This is about where Rhys offered his dice to Nick, which seemed to help a lot.
Just a shot to show all of the Easterlings and Arnors on my side of the table.  
This was a very fun game, as usual when playing against Jonathan.  It really seemed to be going the brothers' way for the first half of the game.  As usual my Haradrim were remarkably resilient in combat against high defense forces.  Once the dwarfs got into hand to hand they started to get their own back, though there were a lot of Easterlings to kill over there.  It really fell apart once the brothers had to start taking break tests.

I like the multiperson games a lot.  They mix things up, which is nice because LotR is the only game I'm playing right now.

On an unrelated note; I've now exceeded my free photo storage and I'm now paying Google monthly for this stuff.  So this blog is now costing me money.  It's not very much, but it's a change all the same.


  1. Was a very fun game. Thanks for the picture report. I definitely need to slap some paint on my models...

    I love the "slap fight" comment, that was pretty much how it went for a while. Once my Dwarves got going though... no stopping them. Next time we will remember to bring our arrow resistant armor though.

  2. Yeah. Next time put those squishy dwarf warriors with shields in front of the guys you want to keep alive. Not that it would have made much difference the way Jonathan was rolling.


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