Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Colors of War - US GIs

I was asked what the colors were for my WWII GIs.  Rather than bury them in a comment I figured I would put them up in a post.

Lots of different paints here, even if it is hard to tell.

All of the listed paints are Vallejo.  I mostly use Game Colors though there is a Model Color in there (Buff).  The washes are all GW washes from before they changed everything.

Some of these paints are pretty standard for all of my models.  The paints with a (number) after them are Battlefront paint kits; in this case the American Infantry paint set.


  1. Great job on the figures and thanks for sharing with the colour method.

    1. Thanks Pat. No problem. It took me hours of research, then more trial and error to get these colors put together. I had to re-paint a couple things since I didn't like the way they looked. Now to figure out the Germans.


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