Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Painting Challenge XII

Here’s my last WWII entry for the challenge.  This round consists of five more 28mm WWII GIs from Warlord.

All 25 GIs, ready to roll.

The "LT".
First up is the Lt and his Platoon Sgt.  I made the Plt Sgt the only model with a jeep cap in order to make him stand out from the other models. 

The Lt and the Platoon Sgt.

Next up is the bazooka team.  The primary weapon is more than obvious, but his assistant also needed to stand out.  I not only stuck the rocket pack on his back but gave him an M3 submachine gun (the only one in the platoon) as well.  I could have given him a rocket but I’m saving that for my next team.

Bazooka and A-Gunner.
These two models will not see much action until I buy some vehicles.

The M3 SMG is all metal.  It must have sucked in the heat or cold.
The version of the division patch after lots of practice.
The last guy is a sniper.  He’s armed with the M1903 Springfield equipped with a scope.  He looks like he’s peering around the edge of a wall or tree, though I didn’t model that on his base.

M1903 Springfield Sniper Rifle.

Peering around some sort of cover before he takes his shot.

I’ll be adding another squad as well as support weapons, specialists and vehicles, but this is enough to get started playing.  My wife bought me Chain of Command for Valentine’s Day, so I’ll dig through that to see what I should work on next.  I still need to paint up some opposition to these guys so a box of Whermacht infantry is in my near future.

In the meantime, on to the next period.


  1. More terrific work on these GIs! I like them a lot!

  2. Thank you Jonathan. I've enjoyed painting these enough that I'm looking forward to the next batch I get to do.

    1. Your enjoyment shows through. Fantastic brushwork and I really like your color palette.

    2. Thanks again. I, like most painters I suspect, tend to see the parts I wish I had done better at.


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