Sunday, March 16, 2014

Gruntz BAR (Before Action Report)

Lieutenant Al-Tharki was roused from a restless sleep by the beeping of the com unit in his APC.  Pulling himself off of an uncomfortable bed of web gear and robes he rotated towards the radio.  "Red Snake 6, this is Black Snake.  Come in, over".  Red Snake 6 lifted the com unit and spoke, "Black Snake 6, this is Red 6. Go.  Over".  "Unidentified units are landing at 345AB12794358, 20 klicks north of you".  "Investigate, report and engage.  Out". 

Lieutenant Al-Tharki switched channels and ordered, "All Red Snake units, mount up.  We're OM (On the Move), in fifteen minutes.

The 47th Company, 12th Caliphate Infiltration Bn was going to find out who had come to join the party. 

I'm off to play a game of Gruntz.  Stay tuned to find out who the 47th discovers at the LZ.

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