Friday, March 07, 2014

Painting Challenge XV

This entry is a 15mm Mech from Critical Mass Games.  It was part of their Kickstarter to expand the ZAS mercenaries.  It’s a big chunky resin walker with a nice few options.  They make two versions of this mech.  
Mech from CMG.

I like the model.  It’s a good casting, no bubbles at all.  My son was playing with this and broke it.  I found the pieces hidden on the back of my desk.  It glued back together no problem, though I did have to add the base at that point to give it a bit more structural integrity.  I’ll be ordering a couple more of these.  I think it’s a good solid medium mech for any faction.
Rear view.  Lots of detail.
I had intended to turn this in for the vehicle bonus round but then got stuck on the paint scheme.  This camo pattern is something completely new for me.  It’s based, roughly, on something I saw Dwartist do, though no nearly as well executed as anything of his, of course.  I think of this as a savannah camo pattern.

Big weapons on this dude.  I picture him as slow but powerful.
Vehicles are not my strong point.  I’m going to be doing quite a few so I’ll have opportunity to work on weathering them. 

Top view.  The orange was just to give it a spot of color.


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