Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Steampunk Silliness

I found this over on John's Toy Soldiers Blog.  It's a silly, but fun, little name generator.

What will my name be?  Let's see, after the jump.

I am Captain Lionel Clankingstone.  My dear bride is Dame Lavinia Clankingstone (nee Witherhold).

Our two travelling companions are Professor Montague Addledale and Chief Inspector Cuthbert Wraith-Stone.

The back story just about writes itself.  It's meant as a bit of good fun but it actually seems to work pretty well.  I will be using this going forward for my In Her Majesty's Name games.


  1. Loved this, apparently I am Viscount Leopold Rumble Fellow!

    1. It sounds like a German hobbit. I like it.


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