Monday, March 17, 2014

Painting Challenge XVI - Bonus Round - Last Stand

  Here’s my entry for the Last Stand.  It’s Boudicca being done in by a Roman auxiliary all in 28mm.  Boudicca’s ultimate fate is not recorded, but I prefer to believe that she died fighting on the field of the Battle of Watling Street.

Top view showing all three models.

The dead Celt and the Roman are Warlord Games.  Boudicca is from Wargames Factory and is the worst model I own.  She came with their Celt chariot box set.  The base is left over from the Drizzit do-Urden model I bought my son for his birthday.

The resin base was quick and easy to paint up.  Much better than the Boudicca model.

The Auxiliary infantryman and the casualty were both easy and quick paints.  I’m enjoying painting the Celts, so far.  I may have to put some effort into that army once the challenge is over. 

The Auxiliary goes for the kill.

 Boudicca was just a chore.  By and large I’d say that Wargames Factory lives up to its reputation for poor quality.  Some of the models are good and a lot of them are complete crap.  Being the cheap value conscious fellow that I am, I am mixing my warbands with different models.  The front rank is the best of the plastics and metals.  The second rank will be Warlord plastics.  The back rank will be the Wargames Factory.  As such the models will be buried behind their less ugly brethren and their flaws should be unnoticed on the table.

From this side you can see the shield, which is the only nice part of the model.

I find it ironic that I now have a painted command base and casualty markers for my Celt army, which doesn’t have a single painted unit, but none for my Roman army which is fifteen units strong.  The Challenge makes for some odd twists, much like story telling.

Boudicca in all her (lack of) splendor.
This base is a little bit smaller than my normal command bases, but it doesn't matter in Hail Caesar.

The Roman looks satisfied.  Probably glad to see the end of the campaign.


  1. Ouch!

    Interesting shield and more interesting way in which Boudicca is holding it. Nice vignette!

    1. I think she's supposed to be standing heroically on a chariot. In this case she just sort of looks like she's not really trying any more.


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