Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mech Factory - The Crusader

I couldn't resist assembling the other mech from the kit.  Have to start with desert, you may not live through dinner.  This is the Crusader, or whatever it's Macross name was.

The 1/100th Macross - Crusader.  (Yes, I understand the irony).

This is another nice model.  Very large, of a size with the Warhammer.  It is poseable, as will be seen in the pictures below.  It would be nice if the missile pods opened as it looks like this mech is a peace activist with no weapons.

Rear shot.  
The model was easy to clean up and went together pretty well.  I had to guess on the arms, since it was very hard to tell which way some things should go.  I either guessed correctly or it doesn't matter.  I still can't tell which it is.

The arms move in all axis but you will definitely want to glue the legs once you have them set.
This will be the assault mech for my Principate forces, backing up the Rangers and the line Legions.  I'm thinking that the assault mechs will be less likely to be camouflaged as they are the size of sky scrapers.  I may go with a more interesting paint job on these.

Side view.  Good detail considering this is just one part of a $50 set.


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