Monday, April 28, 2014

Rhys' 15mm army

Rhys has desperately been wanting his own models.  The problem is that the few he's had he has played with like they were lego or army men, and they've ended up broken and lost.  He has also been known to play with mine, almost always with catastrophic results.

Rhys has been having some behavior issues at school.  They were talking about putting him on a behavior plan, the first step in their kicking him out of school altogether.  We are fairly certain his issues are all to do with his SPET teacher, since he has been fine in the past and is fine when he is not under her care.  Pondering ways to keep him motivated to behave until the old bat retires I decided that it was time for Rhys to start his first army.

Rhys' clone troopers.

I went onto the Rebel site and pulled up all of their various infantry models.  Rhys and I sat down and discussed the plan/deal.  We then went through all of the various pages and he finally decided on the Red Guard.
The rear shot.  The "Master" has three blue strips on his helmet.
Rhys decided on the color scheme he wanted.  They are supposed to look like clone troopers from the cartoon series.  His only real guidance was that he wanted them blue and white.

I mounted them on pennies, a nickle for the Captain.  This is a white primer with Gryphonne Sepia wash.  I then drybrushed them white again.  The blue is Vallejo Magic Blue.  The visors are black.  The rifles are my standard black, Sombre gray with a Nuln Oil wash over  the top.  Bases got the standard treatment but no tufts or grass.  He wanted them on a desert world.

Rhys earns one figure for each day that he is good at school.  I printed off the picture from the web site and stuck it in his folder at school.  He looks at it during the day to remind himself to be good.  He's shared with all of his teachers as well.

I suppose this is Capt Rex.
The set had a months worth of rewards in it, for ten bucks.  After that we'll look at more infantry, weapons teams and vehicles.  There's a lot of possibilities here.  I also need to print off a picture of his models to put with the other one, just to keep him motivated.

Firing rifleman.
Of course, once Owyn found out about the deal he wanted a similar deal.  His Titan Marines are in the mail.


  1. Here's hoping your enticements provide sufficient motivation. Very good idea and good luck!

    1. So far so good. We'll see how it goes.

  2. A great Idea I hope this works out well for you

    1. Thanks Andrew. So far it is keeping him motivated to behave.

  3. He seemed really happy with them on a Sunday. Glad we found his missing trooper. Tell him if he is really good then one day we can play a game with dice.

    1. He was very grateful to you "Mr Nick". He mentioned it several times on the way home. He's looking forward to getting to throw some dice. I'm giving some thoughts to a simpler version of Gruntz for he and Owyn to duke it out. The arms race should provide us with fodder for bribery for months.

    2. I think something as simple as you need a 3+ to hit and a 5+ to kill would work for the little ones. I am sure we can brew something up!

    3. I agree. It doesn't need to be complicated and the simpler the math the better. 1d6 is just about right.


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