Sunday, December 28, 2014

28mm Barbarians

These are two 28mm Celtos barbarians that were given to Rhys years ago.  There were three in the package.  He asked me to paint two of them while he did the third.

Two barbarians, ready for action.

These were very simple sculpts to paint.  There is not a lot of fiddly detail but they have a lot of character.

I consider these to be firmly in the fantasy genre due to the ridiculously over sized swords on the female and Rhys' other male warrior.

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I'm not sure what Rhys will use these for but they are two more models in his rapidly growing collection.

The light was failing when I took these.  She is not quite so washed out in person.


  1. That is a ridiculously large sword... or some sort of primitive cricket bat...?

    1. Mike, you may be right. Perhaps I should repaint it as a cricket bat. Rhys probably wouldn't appreciate that though.


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