Monday, December 29, 2014

Entry 6 - Vth Analogue Painting Challenge - 6 28mm Haradrim Riders

This is my entry for the mounts and riders bonus round for the Analogue Painting Challenge.  These are six 28mm Haradrim from Games Workshop, for Lord of the Rings.  They are led by Suladan the Serpent Lord.  Suladan was killed by Eomer on the Pelenor.

Suladan with two infantrymen

All five from the front.
 There are two Serpent Riders.  These are Suladan’s personal guard and are medium cavalry in the game.  I have five of these models but only got the two painted in this batch.  Perhaps their three brethren will get finished before the end of the challenge.

Suladan and the Serpent Riders are metal while the Raiders are all plastic.  They are very nice models but have a ton of detail, making painting take a long time.

Left side.
The Serpent Riders are good medium cavalry for the Haradrim faction.  They provide some much needed heavy hitting power for this very light faction.

Serpent Rider
The last three are Haradrim Raiders.  These are the Haradrim’s light horse.  While not a match for Rohirrim they are plenty nasty and add a nice punch to a Haradrim army.

Two of the Raiders.
Here’s a shot with two infantry.  They were painted a couple of years ago but are here to show the continuity.  I keep detailed painting notes so that I can reproduce my paintjobs after a couple of years (or months, the brain’s not what it used to be).

These models were tough to paint.  There is so much detail that they are fiddly.  The horses gave me fits, as always.  I love light cavalry but up to now my whole Haradrim army has been light infantry.  It will be nice to get some more options available.


  1. Replies
    1. They are an example of GW at its best. Great looking models. Something of a pain to paint for the same reason.


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