Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Entry 8 - Vth Analogue Painting Challenge - 1 15mm Sci/Fi Vehicle

This next entry is for my son Rhys.  He's been getting 15mm Sci/Fi models as rewards for doing well at school.  He and I play Gruntz together.  Part of the deal is that I'll paint them for him, though he likes painting his models as well.

Light tank for Gruntz.

This model is from Rebel Minis.  It's supposed to be an APC but I prefer it as a light tank.  Rhys' models are based (roughly) on Clone troopers, hence the white and blue color scheme.

The 46 is, schockingly, a decal, not free hand.
Rhys' troops are a light armored recon battalion.  So far he has two of these little tanks and a couple of squads of infantry.  There's a medium mech and a lander on the paint table, but not done in time for today's entry.

Orange is Rhys' favorite color, so it had to be worked into the scheme.
The model got a white undercoat.  The blue is Vallejo Magic Blue,  I struggled with what to do with the white hull.  This is my second attempt at a pin wash.  I used Gryphonne Sepia and then watered it down even more.  I think it works pretty well.  You can see the details but you still get the overwhelming white of the hull.

The decals are from GW's Imperial Guard decal sheet.  Rhys browsed through several sheets of decals before he settled on the lightning axe design.

The new model on the right.
Here's number 46 next to the previously (before the challenge) tank.  This is the APC version.  The turret can be swapped out for one that is identical to #46, except for the turret number.  Now Rhys doesn't have to make the agonizing choice of whether he wants the tank's firepower or the APC's ability to deliver his infantry alive.


  1. You are a great gamer Dad.

    How old is Rhys? I started something similar with my lad when he was about 8 but it ramped up properly around the 12 year old age

    1. Paul, Thanks. He's ten but he's special needs, so hits different milestones in different ways. He's full on in love with models but still doesn't play with them well. I've simplified the Gruntz rules so he can play. He would love to play LotR but that is still a bit above him. I got Lion Rampant for Christmas so we're going to start that. He went half with me on a couple of boxes of Fireforge minis.

    2. Sounds like great Gamer Dad and Lad time! Plus you get domestic brownie points from SWMBO :-)

      I've written several articles about gaming with kids. Send me an email and I'll shoot you copies.
      You might find something of use in there.


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