Saturday, January 02, 2016

More Guardsmen

This next set of models were not part of the Challenge, since I had started them years ago. I finished them up while I was working on the 21 models for the last Challenge entry.

A rifle squad and a heavy bolter team

This is another rifle squad, just like the last one. A Sgt, Vox-Caster, Melta and eight riflemen.

Melta, to be used as a SAW.
There are some differences between how this squad was painted and the other. Seven years of painting experience will do that.

Rear shot.
These lads already had the green shoulder pad so I just had to add the V and dot for 1st Bn, 5th Regt.

The heavy bolter team was started at the same time as the rifle squad. The A-Gunner has a grenade; they must be firing the final protective fires.

This is a shorter range weapon than the other choices.
I believe I used dip on these models, rather than painting on washes as I do today.

The MG is tricked out a little bit, since it's big and special and a pig that these guys both love and hate.

This heavy bolter will act as a heavy tripod mounted machine gun for our CoC campaign. No special rules to start with, but when we start modifying the rules it may get a bit of an upgrade.

The business end.
These two units give me most of the platoon I need to start playing as well as quite a few support options. I need another squad, or two, and more options as well as some vehicles to really have some variety in my support options.


  1. Aaron! You have returned to "painting mode." Good stuff!

  2. Thanks Jonathan. Things will slow down a bit when I go back to work next week though.


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