Thursday, January 28, 2016

Twelve ECW cavalry

This entry is twelve 28mm ECW Cavarly from Warlord Games (despite the misleading title to draw you in).

Twelve horse.

These are a plastic set from Warlord. I am a fan of their ECW line. The faces have a lot of character. The plastics are very nicely modeled. These don't disappoint. They've done some clever things with the headgear to give you some nice variety. The horses are fairly splendid for plastic.

The models are easy to assemble and paint. Truth be told these are easier than their infantry.

The trumpeter looks like he may have landed wrong.
There's lots of variety on the sprues. Pistols, swords, a mixture? Done. The horn is nice. I'm not so sure what to do with the lance though.

A handsome mount.
I really like the horses that come with this set. Good conformation and lots of spirit. They also come with plenty of holsters, in different styles.

If you choose carefully you can really give them an active, mid charge, sort of look. I did not choose carefully.

I am still not a fan of painting horses but these were almost fun. They are especially remarkable when compared to the Wargames Factory Celtic nags I painted for last year's challenge. Night and day.

All in all I highly recommend this set as a cheap and quick way to bulk up your ECW horse. I have another regiment of twelve of these and I'm actually looking forward to painting them.


  1. "Almost fun?" Sounds like you are warming up to painting horseflesh. Results look good to me and you will score a lot of points in the Challenge for a dozen of these.

    Nice work!

  2. Thanks Jonathan. I need to warm up to it since I have a TON of cavalry for various armies that I've been avoiding.

  3. The lance is for the ensign or 'colours'.


  4. Nice looking work - I found these plastics almost enjoyable too :)

    1. Indeed. That may be as good as painting horses gets.


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