Monday, January 04, 2016

Nostalgia bonus entry for 5th AHPC - 28mm goblin spider chariot

This is my entry for the first bonus round of the 6th annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge - Nostalgia.

I wasn't sure what to paint for this bonus round, and honestly had decided to give it a pass. Over the last week I've been reading through people's end of year/beginning of year posts (I love 'em). As I was preparing my own, something came to fruition in my tiny little brain. The death of Warhammer this year had made me (and many others) sad. It got me thinking to when I first started formal wargaming, with GW and Warhammer 6th Edition.

I look back on that edition of Warhammer as some of my happiest gaming. I was just starting to play, I hadn't learned to hate GW. Warhammer was fun and awesome. I played game after game and loved them all.

The front of this chariot is amazing.
There were some great sculpts back in the past of Warhammer. Characterful, eccentric and fun. I found this goblin chariot on E-Bay last year. It didn't have its wolves, but I have a LOT of spider riders.

I call the orange and blue spider Steve. He's painted after a mandarin Gobi I used to have.
I painted this up old school, though I couldn't bring myself to just paint the base green and leave it at that. The red whip and bow are a direct homage to the old orcs and goblins.

The Death's Head spider took forever because of the white.
The goblins were simple but great to paint. They just have so much character in their faces; malice and glee at hurtling at the enemy behind a couple of giant spiders.

I deliberately glued the wheels on wonky. They're gobbos after all.
I wanted to present this chariot as a rather desperate affair in construction, but blinged out for all the gobbos are worth, because they're awesome for getting to ride to battle and not walk.

One of those old school gobbos. This guy and his friends haven't been on a tabletop in well over a decade.
This model takes me back to when Warhammer was alive and vibrant and fun. A time when I could afford the models and everything was new and shiny.


  1. Thank you very much Jonathan.

  2. Awesome conversion. Definitely nostalgic, but it needs a green base ;)

    1. Thanks Nick. I know it should have a green base, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

  3. I loved this, such a wonderfully quirky piece and well painted too.

    1. Thank you Michael. I really like this model as well. I'm pleased you do as well.


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