Thursday, March 03, 2016

Orcs for Kings of War

This entry is twenty Warhammer Orcs from Games Workshop. These were some of the first models I bought. In fact the archers were in the starter set which was the very first model set I got. They are finally painted.

Four Orc heroes.

These are finally on the painting table because Rhys and I are planning on playing some Kings of War later in the year. The mechanics look simpler than Warhammer, which is dead anyway.

These four are two mounted and two foot Bosses. The one on the left is the plastic hero kit. The detail leaves a lot to be desired, especially next to the three metal models.

Boar boys
Next up is six Boar Boys. The one with his spear pointing way up is plastic, the rest are metal. The metal ones are smaller than the plastics but have a ton of character.

These are plastic boars, but very fun to paint.
The boars are all plastic but are fun to paint and take a dry brush really well.

Rear shot showing ropes and chains.

The third unit is ten archers. These are from the 6th edition starter set and are horrible to try to rank up.

For starter set plastics these have good detail. There's enough there to keep them interesting without being too much.

I love the faces on these models.
Arrer Boys are not really true to the ethos of an Orc army. I always felt like they should have goblins do their shooting. In KoW Orcs and gobbos are two different armies though.

Boar Boys with shields
Finally, here are the Boar Boys with their shields. They obscure a lot of the models, hence the before shots above.

They boss has joined the boys.
Close up.
I enjoyed painting these, which is a good thing since I have another five or six thousand points of them.


  1. Wonderful job and given that they were plastic the boars have come up so well - the pink tails are a wonderful touch!

    1. Thank you Michael. The pink was very bright before a wash but I'm pleased with it now.

  2. Nice job! They look really good. I have a few of these to paint up too. Might have to use your lot for inspiration...


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