Friday, December 08, 2023

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge - XIV

 For the first time in several years (six if I count correctly) I will be participating in the AHPC painting challenge. As a twist, this year Rhys will be participating with me. 

Three months of prolific output and great looking models.

Rhys spent most of his summer break painting everything he could lay his hands on, including his desk. This year we started playing Star Wars Legion as well as finding a local group for Lord of the Rings (now known as MESBG, and unpronounceable acronym). Rhys fell in love with painting and his skill is improving noticeably. Old readers will remember that Rhys is special needs.

The "Desk of Doom" I'm not sure how any paint his his models

I also started painting again, after accomplishing almost nothing during the dark (Covid) years. While  my output has been nothing like Rhys', I'm back at it and it feels good to be accomplishing something in the hobby again.

We are busy pulling together a plan, then ensuring the models are ready to go. We've signed up for 500 points each, a total I think Rhys will reach in a lark and I'll have to struggle with. 

If you love painted models, and I know you do since you're here, then stop over and check out the Challenge when it starts on the first day winter, December 21st 2023.

Analog Hobbies Painting Challenge XIV.


  1. Nice one, Aaron. Sounds like Rhys has really got that painting bug!

    1. He does indeed. It keeps him off the streets at least.


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