Monday, May 20, 2013


I backed the CMG Kickstarter for the expansion of their ZAS Mercs line.  The only problem was that I was already using the Bastion APC's for my Federation Marine Corps.  The ZAS are going to be Royal Rangers from the Principate, the third faction for my Gruntz armies.  This being the case, I needed some armored boxes to move troops around.  Happily, Brigade came out with some new models, and a sale, right around the same time.

15mm Sci Fi
Four Wombat APC's for my Royal Rangers.

I actually received these models a couple of months ago, cleaned them, and then set them on a shelf while I worked on other things.  Since I was assembling a bunch of models today, I decided to get these done as well.

15mm Sci Fi
Side view of the Wombat.
These models are a mix of white metal and resin.  There are a few bubbles, mostly in places that will be covered with metal.  There was a lot of flash and burrs to clean up on the metal components, along with a couple of difficult mold lines on the turrets.

15mm Sci Fi
The turret has a rail/plasma type gun with a co-ax MG.  You can see just how wide the grav skirts are.
The body of the APC's has good, and realistic, detail.  Lots of hatches on top as well as doors and a ramp in the rear.  The turret looks nice and chunky.  There are some nice lines on the hull to give it a bit of detail and break it up a bit.  It should be more interesting to paint.

You can see the ugly seam on the rear, here.
The one thing I don't care for on these is the rear of the hull.  You can see in the picture above how the metal shoe doesn't really match up well with the hull.  I'll have to fix this before I prime them.  I also recommend you glue the shoe on first, then the rest of the skirt.  One of my APC's has the shoe sticking out noticeably because I failed to notice this before I glued it together.

Side view.  This gives a good view of the grav coils and rear deck.  It also shows the gap in the rear section.
I like these models.  I'll be picking up some of the tanks once I'm ready to begin adding armor to my factions.  These are nice and different from the Bastion AFV's that the FMC use.  Now I just have to find transport for my Sahadeen and I'll be set on the battle taxi front.


  1. These look really interesting. Do you feel like the mix of metal and resin was a good thing even though it was a bit fiddly?

    1. Anne,
      I do think it worked well. The resin reduces the weight quite a bit. Something I find is that with 15mm vehicles that are all metal it's easy to forget how heavy they are when you go to lift them up. This has resulted in quite a few dropped, and chipped, tanks and APCs.


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