Friday, May 24, 2013

In Her Majesty's Name III

The book has finally arrived.  I've been anxiously awaiting this since I put in the order last month.  It's a quick read.  Very good first impression of the rules, though the proof will be in the playing.

Once it was here, the first thing I did was flip through to the various companies and look at the United States Marines.  Pretty straight forward list.  I can have some good flexibility, running anything from a bunch of riflemen to a tech'd out Steam List of Doom (R).

The next course of action was to read the actual rules to see if it was worth actually buying some models, or if this book would move to long term reserve on the book shelf.  Happily, I liked what I saw.  The rules look fun and simple.  Terrain will be important, but it is for any skirmish game that has actual shooting.

Once I decided I liked the rules it was time to figure out some minis.  North Star is not offering any for this company yet, but there are other models out there.  Happily some helpful chap made a list of all of the VSF/Steam Punk manufacturers that he could find.  Trolling through the list I found a few possibilities but none were really hitting the sweet spot for me.  Then I found exactly what I was looking for.

These will be my USMC command
Parroom Station makes some great figures, available from Brigade Games in the US.  The models are exactly what I was picturing in my mind.  The price is fair and they are in the US so the shipping won't be as much as the models.

My rank and file troops.
I'll still need a few more models, a sailor to serve as the Corpsman, for one, but these are a good start to the company and will let me get something on the table.  Next up with be the parts that make his more Sci/Fi and less Victorian.


  1. These lok perfect for the Marine Corps, have you seen these:

    some interesting artillery pieces that might serve as a base to convert into a SF element and they do a Teddy Roosevelt!

    1. Michael, I did see those. Their pictures are so bad it's hard to tell what I'd be getting. They are also a little bit earlier that the look I want. I hadn't seen that artillery piece though. That might be a fun project. Thanks.

  2. They look splendid old chap!
    It was a toss-up between the Secret Service and the USMC when we were writing the companies for IHMN. I'm glad the USMC won as I have always had a soft spot for them :)
    Semper fides!

    1. Thanks Craig. I also have soft spot for the Marine Corps, so I'm glad they won.


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