Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Major General Commandant's Clerks and Writers - In Her Majesty's Name IV

Major Waller sat quietly in the chair.  Outwardly he was the picture of calm professionalism.  Inside, well that was another story all together.  Inside he was a typhoon of emotion.  He'd fought the Boxers in China.  He'd battled the Moro's in the Philippines.  He'd led men on one of the hardest and most desperate marches in Marine Corps history.  He should not feel this way sitting in a waiting room.

Col. Waller, just before retirement.

A young captain came in; the Commandant will see you now, Sir.  Major Waller stood, pulled his jacket straight and marched into the office.  As he entered he saw that there were four men ahead of him, Marine officers and senior ones.  His combat trained instincts also told him there was someone hiding in the shadows behind him.

As the young Major entered the room the Major General Commandant, Charles Heywood, stood.  "Stand Gentlemen, he was at Samar".  All of the other officers, each senior to Tony Waller, stood.  Waller marched up to the desk, "Major Waller reporting as ordered Sir!".  The Commandant looked him over.  The other officers sat down.  "Sit, Major".  He sat.

Tony was facing the Commandant with the other three officers sitting around a table to his left.  From behind he heard someone walking forward, more of a stirring of the air then foot steps.  Heywood spoke.  "Tony, I ordered you here because I have a proposition for you".  Waller started.  The Commandant did not make "propositions" to Majors.  He ordered and they obeyed.

"I need you to take command of a unit for secondment to Mr. Smith."  Heywood half nodded to Tony's right, where the air had stirred, indicating the presence of the shadowy last man in the room.  "You will be able to pick your platoon from the entire body of Marines on the east coast".  Tony perked up at that.  The danger sense that had seen him through too many fights to count was telling him that he was in danger.

"To hell with it", Tony thought.  He looked to his right.  Standing there was a non-descript man, medium build, medium height, brown hair and eyes.  Brown mustache and sideburns.  He would not have stood out in a crowd of one.  The eyes though, looking into them Tony saw something he recognized, a hunter, a killer. A kindred spirit.

"If you accept this mission you will travel the entire known world", Heywood said.  "And some not so well known", added Mr. Smith.  "You will have two weeks to form your command".  "At the end of that time you will be in Norfolk to board the steamer S.S. Rattlesnake."  You will take your orders from Mr. Smith".  "What do you say Tony"?  Heywood and the other officers leaned forward, almost un-noticeably; waiting for the answer.

Major Waller stood up, smiled, and said "I accept Sir".  Mr. Smith, looking into that smiling face saw something he recognized, a hunter, a killer.  A kindred spirit.

This is the introduction to my Company for In Her Majesty's Name.  It will, obviously, be a U.S. Marine Company.  I'll follow up with more information on models and such in future posts.  I hope you enjoy this project as I'm looking forward to it.


  1. An excellent beginning. All great companies begin with a story, so I shall look forwards to the development of yours.


    1. Thanks Craig. I'm glad you liked it. I hope to meet our expectations.


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