Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial day.  In the U.S. it is a day for picnics and grilling out.  Many people also give due consideration to it's actual purpose, remembering our honored dead.

As always this day I want to present you all with the memory of my friend, John Maloney.  I'll let the stories speak for themselves.

John died eight years ago, when Ramady Iraq was the most dangerous place on earth.  Those eight years have flown by for me and yet every year I sit down and remember John, and think about his family, and especially his children, for whom that day eight years ago will always be present.

Please take the time to read the articles and think a bit about the price paid by those who defend us.


  1. Semper Fi Marine. May we mourn and honor those who have fallen giving their lives for their country.


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