Sunday, May 26, 2013

Treasures from the past II - Books

In one of the boxes, pulled out of storage, there were a bunch of books.  In my teens I was very much in to Battletech, and it all started with this book.

A chance purchase after school turned into an obsession.  Look at the price on that thing too.

I played a lot of Battletech.  It was all solo as I didn't have anyone to play mini games with.  I brought a teenagers obsessiveness to it, an attention to detail and joy in tedium that I couldn't match today.  I routinely fought battalion on battalion battles.  As anyone who has played this game before can vouch, the amount of record keeping involved with that is mind numbing, and something I can't imagine taking on at this age.

The books from when the game was great, pre clan invasion.
I spent a LOT of time with this book.  It has seen better days.
I did love the space ships, even if I didn't do much with them.
A couple of books that expanded things, Star League era and more Clans.
I know I had more books.  I remember Wolf's Dragoons and the Black Widows in particular.  There are more boxes to sort through, but I'm glad I found these.  As an homage to this part of my childhood and gaming history, I'm going to use weapons names and manufacturers from these books for my Gruntz games.  The Martel medium laser is something that has bounced around in my brain for twenty five years, I might as well get it out of there.

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