Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Painting - 17 more models for the Painting Challenge

This week's entry is two more Star Wars Legion models, a dwarf for role playing and some nasty Morannon Orcs to storm Osgiliath and Minas Tirith.

First up are Luke and C3PO. There are several versions of Luke models and two different game versions, a commander and an operative. This is the Operative Luke model.

His clothes are all black so I went with Black and dark gray with a Nuln Oil wash to give some differentiation.

Truth be told, Luke's not a great  hero for the Rebels. A lot of force users are sub-par but he hasn't really been upgraded to the level of the top tier in the last couple of years.

C3PO is a nice, clean, easy model.

C3PO is R2D2's sidekick. He can't be taken alone except in the new Ewok battleforce. He's actually pretty interesting there as a strong support character.

C3PO and R2 come in a scenario pack with the crashed escape pod. It comes with some objective, deployment and condition cards to play a themed scenario. I've never actually played any of those, which seems like shame now that I think about it.

Warhammer Dwarf Quarreler

This next model is a rank and file Dwarf crossbowdwarf from Warhammer. I painted him for our role playing campaign as one of the characters is a dwarf ranger with an arbalest.

He was quick and easy and I should probably just bang out the rest of the unit as well. These are not great models but they do the job.

I decided to add a splash of color with the fletching on the bolts. I'll carry this across the army, mostly to the bolt throwers when I get to them.

14 Morannon Orcs to bring terror to my enemies.

The last entry is 14 Morannon Orcs from the Lord of the Rings game. These are 12 plastic spear orcs and two metal heroes, Grishnakh and Guritz - the Master of Reserves (with the skull on his helmet).

Grishnakh on the left and Guritz on the right.

I've had Grishnakh for 15 years. Gurtiz is a more recent acquisition, being only eight years old.

I painted the armor with a dark metallic and then washed it to make it look rusted and un-cared for. In these images it came out more as brown but it presents better in real life. I'm having some issues with varnish since I ran out of my old Vallejo matte and the new one is more satin. Very disappointing and it makes photographing these models trickier.

Twelve spear orcs. 
The plastics come with separate shields, with one or two exceptions. This lets you get more variety in the poses but only within reason.

The shields do leave room for painting heraldry. Is it heraldry when orcs have it?

These models are the usual sort of crappy plastics from GW. They have large blobs that aren't actually any sort of thing, just plastic filler. A lot of the details are soft or imaginary. 

The numbers you see here are not representative of what comes on the sprue. I have several boxes of these and just grabbed 12.

I also have 12 sword and board on the table right now, along with a troll and some more heroes. The local gaming group is doing an Osgiliath themed narrative game at the end of the month. Rhys and I have been working on these models as well as terrain for the last six months. Sadly by the time they locked in the date, we had a prior commitment and will not be able to attend.

I think this guy is my favorite of the spears.

At the very least I'll complete the sword and board as well as the troll and 12 archers. That will give me a painted and playable Mordor army to add to the collection.

I only grabbed one of this dude. He's terrible to play with since his spear really really gets in the way on the table, instead of only partly really getting in the way like all of the others.

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