Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Painting - Challenge XIV - Orange Squad of B1s for Star Wars Legion

  This week is more B1s for Star Wars Legion. This unit gives me four squads. This is the Orange squad. 

More B1s. Same as the other ones.

This is another squad with the basic upgrades. I've got two repair droids almost done for the red and blue squads, which will exhaust that particular upgrade in my army.

With the current army lists and battle forces I can't see taking more than three units of these, but the max is eight so I might as well paint them since I have them. Next week I'll also be working on some B2s and other command options. I need to expand out the options for the list.

Commander, rocket and E5s upgrade.

The OOM unit upgrade lets droids pass orders at longer range (1-2 instead of 1). The security droid lets them lose AI attack. In Legion the droids have an AI keyword that they have to execute if they don't start the turn with an order. It's limiting and frustrating so this droid lets them avoid that.

OOM-Series battle droid aand B1 Security Droid. It's hard to tell but the OOM has a yellow head.

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