Monday, February 12, 2024

Painting - From Rhys. Crashed X-Wing for Star Wars Legion

  This week I painted a crashed X-Wing for Star Wars Legion. I painted the pilot last week, she's blue.

These pieces are 12 inches by 12 inches and 3 inches tall. 

The B1 is for scale. There are four sections. This is the biggest.

This set has four pieces and came with cards for playing a scenario. We haven't played that yet but I really liked painting this model.

The area around the ship can be difficult terrain and the ship is hard cover and blocks line of sight. Those are very important in Legion.

This piece is the tallest part, along with the other wing on the big piece.

It can't hide a whole unit but a hero can get really hidden behind this.

This piece is pretty boring but does give hard cover.

I painted these like there was fire or lava around where the crash happened. It just destroyed everything.

This piece has a dead astromech droid on it. That made me sort of sad.

All together these break up the battlefield a lot for movement and some for cover and line of sight. 

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