Thursday, April 26, 2012

15mm Sci/Fi III

I was so taken with the CMG models that I just had to get some paint on them and see how they looked.  I am going to be basing the infantry on washers.  That will allow me to transport them with magnets.  I don't have any washers of the appropriate size so I was not able to get them based and, therefore, basecoated.  The grav scout and the bike, on the other hand, were ready to go.

The CMG Grav Scout.
I'm very pleased with how this came out.

Here is a before shot, just to remind you of what it looked like "in the flesh".

Naked.  So embarrassing.

Front view showing the scraped off paint.
 I primed it with FoW US Armor, and did a Badab Black wash over everything.  The canopy was painted black.  The fusion can was hit with Vallejo Imperial Blue then highlighted with Vallejo Electric Blue.  The scratched paint is Vallejo Gunmetal Metal.  I touched up some spots on the base coat with FoW (Vallejo) Brown Violet (887).  Done.  Bob's your uncle.

Right side.  Good view of the fusion can.
The rear shot.  Not much to see here.
Left side.  The scratched paint looks better on this side than the other.
This shot has the quad canon mounted.
I also finished up the bike, though I am considering adding something to it. 

Coming at ya!

This is a sexy model.
This guy was, again, primed with US Armor.  I washed it all in Badab Black then picked out the uniform, under the armor and pouches, in Vallejo Parasite Brown (42).  One more black wash over the uniform and we're done.  I'll prime the infantry with Army Painter Rat Fur, which is the same as Parasite Brown.  I'll then do the armor with Brown Violet and the rifles in black.

A before picture of the bike.
I'm probably going to do a decal, or three on the tank.  I need to pick up some decal solution, and see if I have anything the right size.  Both of these models are a total of about an hour and a half of work.  That is one definite advantage of 15mm.  It paints up fast.

I'm really pleased with how this tank came out.  I can't wait to get some more and get some games in.  I'm still looking for a good rule set though.


  1. Very nice! Have you tried Gruntz or Tomorrow's War for rules?

  2. Thanks for the praise. I've ordered a copy of Tomorrow's War, but not received it yet. I have read about Gruntz but I haven't really seen any batreps or reviews, so don't know how it will work out. The stuff on the website looks promising, but then it would, wouldn't it? The price is reasonable though, so I may just take a crack at it.

  3. Gruntz is a very simple yet very fun and effective game. He has updated the rules since I have played though so I can't comment on it fully. There are a ton of youtube videos of Robin putting on Gruntz games at various conventions along with him doing "how to..." videos. Just youtube "Gruntz"

  4. Thanks Nick. I'll check that out. I watched a couple on his site, which is what got me interested in the first place.


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