Monday, April 23, 2012

Harad Army - Completed

Here are the shots of my completed Harad army for Lord of the Rings.  I actually took these three weeks ago and just found them on my camera.  I'm very pleased with how this army came out.  There is, certainly, room for improvement and I could tweak quite a few details, but all in all I'm very happy.

The entire army, with some extra models to give me choices.

I will be going back and painting a symbol on the banner, as well as adding some more models to give myself more options.  This, however, is the complete army for the list I am currently playing.

An overhead view.

Focused on the rank and file troops in the back.

It has been over a week since I last posted.  There has not been any miniatures hobby activity during that time as I was indulging in my other hobby, SCUBA diving.  I met a couple of friends down in Costa Rica and we spent four days diving.  I'm sure if I show you a couple of pictures you will all forgive my absence, as I'm sure it pained you greatly.

The view off of the balcony of our villa.

I'm totally building terrain with bushes this color.
April has been a light month on the hobby side.  May will be short as well since I will be taking the family to Ireland for two weeks.  I'll be cramming a lot of hobby into the next three weeks though, so stand by for lots of updates.


  1. Very Nice! The blue really contrasts well against the dark tone of the skin

  2. Thank you very much! I'm really pleased with how that came together as well.


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