Friday, April 27, 2012


I have assembled the first box of Warlord Romans.  I have two of the boxes of twenty Legionaries with a scorpion.  This is one, out of the way.

Box art from Warlord Games.

These guys were easy to put together with lots of bits left over and several options for different spears.  There were only eight swords in the kit, though, which I found disappointing.   The only fiddly part was the mold lines on the right shoulder armor.  These were painful to clean, though pretty straightforward.  To be completely fair, there were not too many mold lines overall, its just that every arm had them and they were painful.

Assembly was fast and easy.  The way the heads attach actually made them easier to get together than GW models.  If you are familiar with GWs kits then these are going to make you feel right at home.

Command.  Shields will be glued on once they are painted.
Scorpion from the front.  I really like this little model.
Side view.  There were several ways to assemble the crew and it comes with lots of scenic pieces.
The eight swordsmen.  Four are thrusting and four are in guard.
Three throwing their Pila.  There is also a thrusting pose, which I didn't use with this batch.
Standing around looking fierce.  Six of these guys.
The whole box.  22 Roman Legionaries ready for battle.
These are really nice sculpts that go together easily and require a moderate amount of cleaning.  I'm really happy that I bought them and I'm looking forward to getting the rest of them put together.

These guys will see the table in both Hail Caesar and using the Lord of the Rings SBG rules.  I'll use Uruk Hai stats for them with appropriate options such as javelins and the avenger bolt thrower.

Getting these guys put together is something I've been contemplating for a decade.  I may have to slap some paint on them today.  I'm that excited.

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