Saturday, April 28, 2012

15mm Terrain

Hobby Lobby carries a line of scenic pieces for kid's school projects.  They are small kits to dress up a diorama.  I was in picking up some Liquitex, for 15mm basing, and saw a set on clearance for $3.00.

The first 15mm terrain, with CMG Recon Trooper for scale.

The set came with two wind turbines and two solar panels.  The stands for the solar panels were broken, which is probably why it was on clearance.  That's ok because I don't plan on having them as stand alone pieces anyway.  The two wind turbines will go on some big round bases.  The two solar panels will go on the roofs of two different foam core buildings, to "sci/fi" them up.  The rear panels for the solar panels will go on the walls to the same effect.

Blurry, but you get the idea.
Again, blurry.  I may have to re-shoot these. 
So... for three dollars (2 quid over the pond) I got two pieces of 15mm scatter terrain and four pieces to dress up some scratch built buildings.  Now I just have to scratch build some buildings.


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