Wednesday, April 25, 2012


As you may remember, fascinated as you all are by all of my doings, I bought a box of Warlord Celts in February.  Rather, SWMBO bought them for me as a Valentine's day present.  They arrived in March and sat for a couple of weeks.  I have finally gotten them assembled. 

A Celtic Warband, marauding across my desk.

The box comes with forty Celtic warriors in it. I bought the bases separately from Troll Trader, in the UK, through eBay.  The shipping was almost as much as the bases but the turn around was about two weeks and they gave me an extra fourteen bases, over the two hundred I ordered.  I went with round bases on these guys so that I can use them in skirmish games as well.  The next warbands will be mounted on square/unit bases for Hail Caesar games.  These guys can be put into War of the Ring bases for use in HC as well.

The chap holding the head is taller than his two companions.  Horned helm has a shield.  Fat boy looks like the general to me.
  I also got three Chieftains, which are just beautiful models.  I did the Celts up with one standard, one musician and one guy holding a severed head.  They are half swords and half spears.  There are not enough shields for everyone, which I find very disappointing, Warlord.  I'll glue the shields on after they are painted. 

Closeup.  These are nicely detailed plastic models.
Some of the poses are leaning forward in rather extreme ways.  This will make them very dynamic when ranked up but it seems a little bit much, still, I really like these models and I'll be picking up a couple more boxes as well as some slingers, archers, cavalry and chariots.  All in good time, though, all in good time.


  1. Think my Warlord games celts were in their box for almost two years, couldnt find a set of rules for a skirmish game. May use LOTR. I love these models too

    1. I think the LotR rules would be perfect for this period, though I'm obviously a fan of the rules set.


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