Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Eastern Auxiliary Archers

Today I completed another unit for the Romans.  We had a snow storm roll in and everything was shut down, so I had most of the day to paint.  This is a unit of eight archers for my Roman army.  They did strong work in their last fight, which was their first outing, so I have high hopes for them now that they are painted.

Auxiliary archers.  

These are Warlord Games Eastern Auxiliary Archers.  They are nice sculpts, with four different poses.  I bought sixteen of them, but I'll run them as two small units until we get to large games, and I get some more, unarmored, archers to be the small units.  These lads are armored so should really be the medium archers in Hail Caesar, but you work with what you have.

Kneeling pose one.  Front and side.
Kneeling pose two.  
All four.  The front rank of the unit.
Standing pose one.
Standing pose two.
The rear rank.
The whole unit.
I like these models but my next archers will be, as I said above, un-armored, Cretan types.  Warlord also sells Western Auxiliary Archers, which I'll probably pick up as well.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Michael. I appreciate it.

  2. These are actually quite nice sculpts, you're right. And great paint jobs by the way.

    What are their scales?

    Nathan's Fiction Sphere

    1. Nathan, I do like the sculpts. They are 28mm.

  3. I love that blue color - it will look fantastic on the gaming table!

    1. I was looking for some contrast and "pop" since the army has a whole lot of red and steel.


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