Sunday, April 28, 2013

On line army builders

In my ongoing series on hobby resources this post will cover on-line army builders.  I'll start off by saying that I'm sure there's a bunch that I'm missing, so any and all comments to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.

These are builders I've stumbled across, mostly, though a couple were gleaned from people's blogs. - I've never used this one.
Army Forge -  Several game systems from GW.
Battlegroupbuilder - Battlegroup Kursk.
Command Center - Warhammer 40k
Dystopian Wars Army Builder Online - Just what it says on the tin. - Flames of War You'll have to have an account to get past the front page.
Forward Kommander - HoMachine and Dystopian Wars
Frostgrave Warband builder - By Ashley Etchell
Gruntomatic - A free card builder/army builder for Gruntz.
InfinityArmy - Corvus Belli's online army builder for Infinity.
Infinity Pool - For Infinity

Little Army Builder FoG - Army builder for Fields of Glory
Little Army Builder FoGR - Army builder for Fields of Glory Rennaissance

X-Wing Army Builder - This is, despite the misleading name, an army builder for FFG's X-Wing game.
X-Wing Card Builder - From the same fellow as above, this site lets you make your own cards for X-Wing.

The following are free but require a download to work:

Fighting Forces of the Reconquest - Army builder for Drop Zone Commander.
War Room - Downloadable app for HoMachine.


  1. Any chance you can add my Frostgrave Warband builder to your list?

    Many thanks

    1. Done. Glad to see it. It's very timely.


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