Monday, April 15, 2013

In Her Majesty's Name

This is yet another set of skirmish rules, though these are Victorian Science Fiction.  There is a fair amount of buzz about this set.  Jonathan, of The Inevitable Spark, has been, oh so gently, pushing this game.  From what I've seen I'm interested and it's a low bar to entry.

The cover looks awesome.  Steam, zombies and carnage.

I pre-ordered the book from Amazon.  SWMBO got an Amazon prime account for a month so I might as well make it worthwhile.  This will show up at some point, which will be nice.  EDIT (The disappointing thing for me is the starter companies.  For the first week or so they had one of the upcoming companies as being USMC.  They have since dropped that for US Secret Service.  My guess is that the fact that the US Marine Corps trademarked the name is a problem.  It's a shame, but there you go.  Defiance Games ran into the same problem changing the name of their USMC faction to UAMC.)  Everything in parenthesis is just flat wrong.  I am very pleased to be corrected.

 It's not every game where one of the authors  contacts you directly on your blog to let you know that you are going to get what you want.  It turns out that the Marines are still in and will, naturally, be awesome.  Now I'm even more excited to see this game.

That being the case, I'm still interested since the game is supposed to have robust rules for building your own adventure company.  So I'll still have my Marines, I'll just have to source them myself.  That leads me to Google and a couple of promising companies.

Marine MG's.  Picture from Pulp Figures.

The first up is Pulp Figures.  These figures are not fantastic but they do have a good variety of equipment, including a couple of Lewis Guns and a Vickers.  There is also a pack with an officer, BAR, Thompson, Shotgun and Rifle.

Officer and support weapons.  Picture from Pulp Figures.
  The other company I've found is Tiger Miniatures.  They have a wide selection of Rough Riders as well as Marines.  These are a better fit for VSF, from a historical point of view, being about thirty years earlier than the Pulp Figures.

USMC Command.  Picture from Tiger Miniatures.
The command models, above, have a lot of character and would form some nice minis to build an adventuring company around.  They also have a couple of infantry sets as well as some specialists.  There is definitely a lot to work with in this range.

Tiger USMC infantry.  Picture from Tiger Games.
I'll read the rules before I buy any models, but if I like what I see, and some of the other guys buy in as well, there are models to support my adventuring company concept.  This could be a nice side project so I'll keep my fingers crossed.


  1. You have been misinformed my fine friend. The USMC is one of the companies in the rules, along with the Dooley Brothers ('reformed' outlaws serving out their pardon for the Secret Service amongst Wild Bill Hikok's Wild West Show touring Europe).
    The USMC are one of the most advanced companies technologically with access to such wonders as mechanical walkers, rocket packs and the Edison Beam Translator.
    So despair no more and begin practicing your bugle calls.
    Semper fides!
    Craig - one of the authors.

    1. Craig,
      Thank you for posting this. It's a pleasure to be corrected, both because I love the news but also the kind way in which you went about it. I'm even more anxious to get my hands on the book now.

  2. Alright you convinced me - the book is on Amazon you say?

    1. Glad to hear it Tony. Amazon, North Wind and Osprey. You have loads of choices of where to buy it.

    2. Ordered but delivery is November.....sigh......

    3. I'm pretty sure you ordered the Supplement rather than the actual rules. Look again and make sure you didn't order Heroes, Villains and Fiends. That releases in November. In Her Majesty's Name releases next month.

    4. Yeah I ordered both, okay, thats good news then!

    5. And lookeee what I found:
      NZ maori wars miniatures......I'll even have a company from my homeland ; )

    6. That's pretty awesome Tony. You going to do Maori's, whites or a mixture of both?

    7. A few of each, I especially like the Maori holding the rifle with the cloak and hat.

  3. You chaps crack me up :) We better get that second book finished then - erk!

    1. It would seem to be in order. We will be ever so grateful.


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