Monday, April 22, 2013

I didn't go to Salute (or Adepticon, or Reaper Con)

Anne, of Anne's Attic has started a new meme, or at least she's started one if it takes off.  She did not get to go to Salute, or any of the other big shows going on right now.  Her suggestion is that all of us in that situation tell everyone what we did do.

I've taken the liberty to expand it from just Salute to also cover Adepticon and Reaper Con, since they are both going on this weekend as well.

I spent the morning of Salute moving my gaming table from the basement to the living room.  I had invited Jonathan over for our monthly game of Hail Caesar and the basement was a bit chilly.

The table, all set up and ready to rock and roll.
Jonathan and I played our Hail Caesar game, which he has covered HERE, and which I'll post tomorrow.

Following the game I grabbed SWMBO and the boys and we headed over to my cousin's house for fondue and raclette.  As always with our people, we had way too much food and even after twelve people had eaten we still had enough to feed another dozen.

So, while I did not get to go to Salute, I had a great day and I didn't spend any money.


  1. Sounds like a great day, a game and plenty of grub!

  2. I'm glad you did this. A couple of other guys did as well. That room is really nice. Open and lots of light. Perfect for painting and gaming I would think.

    Spending time with family and friends is a fine way to have spent the day.

    1. I liked the idea Anne, so it was an easy choice. A day with family is always good, at least with mine. I don't have any regrets about missing the big shows, they would be nice, but life is good without that.


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