Sunday, September 29, 2013

Battle damage. It's a dangerous world

I was sitting at my desk the other night, cruising through my blog roll.  I dropped my eyes below the monitor and saw what looked like a mech leg under there.  I dug around, moved several pictures and found the scene of a miniature massacre.

science fiction
Dead Mech.  Good for salvage.
In addition to the Mech, above, there were two 15mm infantry that had been broken off at the ankles.  Clearly Rhys had been playing with things he was not supposed to.  The infantry were un-salvageable and went in the trash.  The mech can be made whole.  I'll have to find a base for it as the leg will need another point of contact to be strong enough to stand up to gaming.  The left arm weapon will get pinned for the same reason.

Rhys and I had a talk.  While I reinforced the idea that this is why he doesn't get to have models yet, my real concern was that he tried to hide what he had done, rather than coming clean and telling me he'd messed up.  I have the same problem with a couple of my grown up employees, so it's hard to hold it against an eight year old.  At least it's just stuff.


  1. Nothing to worry about - all kids go through that phase. Employees though - probably calls for the application of boot leather to buttocks . . . .

    1. I actually consider myself lucky these are all he's broken. He can't keep his hands off my models, which I totally understand as I agree with him that they are awesome. If only the application of boot leather was still allowed. My life would be so much simpler.


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