Sunday, September 15, 2013

Natural Disasters

This last week in Colorado has seen the worst flooding in our history.  Thousands have been rescued by the National Guard and local first responders, rescue teams and their neighbors.  Almost 200 people are still missing.  It just doesn't rain like this here.  The last time we had flash flooding of this sort was in 1976.  That was in one valley.  This storm is affecting the entire front range.

Some areas have been destroyed while others are completely untouched.  Happily, my town has had nothing worse than some roads closed.  My family are all safe.  Most of my friends are unaffected, but some have had their basements flooded.  The last week has seen the most people rescued by helicopter since Hurricane Katrina.

Here's a photo album of scenes from the Front Range.

Happily,  the rain is supposed to stop today and turn to sun.


  1. I heard about Colorado. It is such a pity that still we don't have any full proof way to tackle the natural disaster issues. I hope one day we may have something on our side which could safe us from dying due to natural calamities.

    Arnold Brame
    Health And Safety Consultant Peterborough

    1. Engineering can do a lot. The real test is how well you can respond afterwards. We're doing pretty well here in Colorado.


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