Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Major General Commandant's Clerks and Writers - IHMN VIII

I have completed the eight Marines for my Company for In Her Majesty's Name.  The list can be found here.  The models are all Paroom Station, bought through Brigade Games.  There are two more models for the list.  The mysterious Mr. Smith and a surprise model, who will be revealed after the first game.

The final four Marines of the Clerks and Writers.

These four models are, from left to right, Rocky (marksman), Andy O'Leary (melee), un-named private #1 and un-named private #2.  They'll get names if they earn 'em.  Until then they are red shirts (Star Trek reference).

Private Rocky Kirkland, crack shot.
I chose this model to be the sniper/marksman simply because he has the brim of his cover pushed up, giving him better clearance to aim his rifle.  The other three riflemen are all identical so this model stands out a little bit.  I'll probably write the name on the back of the base.

Andy O'Leary.  The fighting Irish.  A significant part of the U.S. military of the time was either Irish or German.
Next up is Andy O'Leary.  He's the melee component of the Marines.  Named after a certain feisty cailin and fellow blogger.  Andy is there to give the company a bit more punch, so to speak, along with the officer and Mr. Smith.

Privates, red shirts, expendable.
The riflemen are all the same model.  Nothing too interesting here.

Side view.
The US on the canteen was done with a Staedtler pen.  Even with an actual pen I had a hard time keeping it clean and neat.  It should look fine from table top distance though.

The entire company.
This shot shows the entire army, minus Mr. Smith and the mystery contestant.  It's odd to think of an army of ten models but it's what let me consider this project in the first place.  I'm already working on a couple of army sized games and would not have been able to add another this year.


  1. Good Job, just need a similar number with rocket-packs ;)

    1. Yes. I've been trying to figure out how I want to model the rocket packs. There are a few options out there, or I can convert my own. This is a fun project. Thanks for the rules that make it so interesting.


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