Monday, September 30, 2013

Gaming Table, Part V

The progress continues on the table, even if it sometimes feels like it's two steps back for every one forward.  After getting expert advice from Loki and Anne I, of course, ignored it all and did my own thing.  We are getting ready to lay some tile and I was digging through the garage to see what supplies I had on hand and what I still need to buy.  I found a mostly used bag of tile cement and had an epiphany.

The tiles with cement over the foam lines.
I mixed the cement in a small plastic cup and applied it with a coffee stirrer.  It went on easily and covered the lines pretty well.  It also has some additional texture, which will do the tiles a little bit of good.

Close up.  No lines visible.
This is, of course, cement, so it will make the table that much more hard wearing in the places I've put it on.  There were some very visible lines in places and they are now completely gone.  Once I paint over this I'm hoping that you will not be able to tell I covered something up.

I was able to get a one gallon can of the same color as the sample I used initially.  The sample didn't quite cover the entire table, and I have more tiles, as well as the plan to paint the reverse of the flat tiles to get more mileage out of them.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have pictures of a successful paint job to share with you all.

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