Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sci/Fi containers

People tend to fight for things that matter.  Very often that includes cities, towns, ports and airfields.  In the far future that will be just as true as it is today.  One thing that all of these places have in common is containers.  Again, this will probably hold true in the future as well.  It is always necessary to move stuff from where your stuff is to where you want your stuff to be.

sci/fi terrain
15mm containers.
These are crates from a now defunct manufacturer.  I bought them for eight dollars, which more than makes up for their poor casting quality and construction.  They are solid little chunks of resin but, honestly, they are about the quality I could pull, and I don't make this stuff for a living.

sci/fi terrain
You can see the bubbles and seams for the frame.
I primed these metal and washed them with black and gryphonne sepia washes.  That's it.  I should hit the edges with more rust effect but I can't be assed to spend more time on them.  These will serve as cover and barriers for my Gruntz games.

15mm figure for scale.
These were supposed to be 28mm crates.  They'll still work for that as well, I suppose.

28mm Figure for scale.
For the cost and time put in, these will be a great addition to my terrain.  They are not great casts, and I didn't improve them much with the paint job, but they'll get the job done.


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