Monday, March 21, 2016

6th Annual Analogue Painting Challenge - In Review

The Challenge is over. Whew! What a ride! Here's the last three months of painting.

The first entry was six Uruk-Hai.

Entry 1.

Entry two was Celts.

Entry 2.
Entry three was 21 Imperial Guardsmen.

Entry four was for the Nostalgia bonus round.

Goblin spider chariot.
Entry five was twenty ECW Infantry from Warlord Games.

The Green Regiment
Entry six was 54 Uruk-Hai.

54 Uruk-Hai
Entry seven was 24 Fireforge Men-at-Arms.

12 Sword and board and 12 crossbows.
Entry eight was twelve ECW cavalry.

Entry nine was two figures for role playing.

Entry 10:

Entry 11:

Entry 12:

Entry 13:

Entry 14:

Entry 15:

Entry 16:

Entry 17:

This year's Challenge was very gratifying. I met my goal, on the nose on the last day I could. I only participated in one bonus round, so almost all of my points were pure painting. I made progress on a lot of projects and finished several gifts for other people.

It's always a joy to participate in the challenge. The participants are always generous and helpful. The quality of the work is inspiring and the sheer output that some people put out is astounding. A big thank you to the Snow Lord, Curt Campbell and his helpers on this year's challenge.


  1. Very impressive numbers and quality. You're a painting machine!

    1. That's very kind. I am happy with how much I got done. Now the goal is to keep up a fraction of that output the rest of the year.

  2. I love the colour and vibrancy in all of these entries. Very impressive output with a high level of quality. Really nice to see the LOTR figures.

    1. Thank you Padre. I'm glad they meet with your approval.


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