Thursday, March 10, 2016

King Theoden of the Riddermark

This entry is King Theoden of Rohan from Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings game.

The king.

Theoden is a very nice metal model. The face is a striking resemblance to the actor from the movies. My son, Rhys, slipped this into my painting queue some weeks ago. He's made slow progress since then, finally getting completed with the Romans in my other entry for this week.

That's a large tuft of grass.
The long grass was done by rolling some long grass in plastic wrap. Before I rolled it I soaked the center in super glue. The glue holds the grass together but doesn't stick to the plastic. Once it was dry I unrolled it and cut it in half through the center of the super glue. After that it was just a matter of trimming it to a pleasing shape and gluing it on. I then put some normal tufts around the bottom to hid the clean cut.


  1. Theoden King! One of my favourite characters from the books.

    1. Mine as well. I loved the Two Towers best of the three, entirely because of all of the Rohirim.


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