Monday, March 21, 2016

More characters for RPGs

These are two more characters for D&D. One is Bones and one is a GW Ranger of the North from their LotR line.

The Bones sculpt, on the left, is very soft. She has almost no facial features so I had to paint on her face. The figure on the right is a great sculpt, metal and very detailed.

I looked through all of the Bones and couldn't find a Ranger that I liked as much as this one, so he took one for the team and will not be included in the LotR armies.

The lass in yellow is a mage. As she levels up I'll add some details to her robes. These were a quick paint and got me up to my goal of 1500 points for the Challenge.


  1. Nice work. The painted on face looks great.


    1. Thank you. It'll work from a table top distance.


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