Thursday, March 17, 2016

Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary Javelin men (40 points)

This post is eight auxiliary javelin men from Victrixj. They are from the Republican Romans with Armor box. They'll be part of my EIR army for Hail Caesar.

This is a great box set. Lots of models, great sculpts, good variety, great value for money. I regret nothing.

The one guy in a wolf's head is there just in case I need a leader for some reason.

I will most likely break them up into two tiny units of skirmishers. They'll be an annoyance more than anything.

I three some more long grass on here, since I had three left from before and the bases are fairly empty. They are mounted on 60mm x 60mm bases from Litko in the US.

The facial features on these models are great; some of the best I've seen in large unit boxes.

These were fun to assemble and paint and will fill a critical role in my army.


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