Friday, March 04, 2016

Orc spears from GW

This post is twenty spear Orcs. These are 28mm models from Games Workshop.

These are the classic plastics from 6th edition. They will be used for Kings of War but I still think a unit needs full command, even if they don't have a use in game. Rhys and I will be playing some KoW later in the year so I need to get some orcs painted up.

There are some good and bad things about these models. I absolutely love the faces on them; full of character and menace. Their proportions are definitely cartoonish though and the join between the body and the legs can be pretty rough.

They are big and full of menace. They tower completely over mass a Lord of the Rings model.

The banner is a variation of the symbol on the shields. The difference being what an orc would paint on some random cloth and what a dwarf slave would craft for them.

My lighting was bad by the time I got home (after dark) but these models really have a lot of nice detail while not being over the top.

The highlighting on the faces doesn't show up in these pictures, which is a shame because it is my favorite part of the paint job.


  1. Nice work! The banner really draws your attention into the unit.
    You must be in the home stretch of the Painting Challenge. The Challenge has increased you output significantly.

    1. Only a week and a half left for me. We're getting ready to go on vacation so I have to wrap up the rest of my points pretty sharpish.

  2. Nice classic look to these figures :)
    Nice work!

  3. Superb, I can almost hear the thunderous footsteps as they march to war!


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