Tuesday, March 07, 2017

28mm EIR Command stands

This entry is some long awaited command figures for my EIR army. There are two command stands, which will finally let me play with an all painted army. There are also four command models to slot into my cohorts. I mis-counted at some point and had too many legionaries and not enough commanders.

First up are the two command stands. Each of these will command a "division" in Hail Caesar.

The one on the left is reminiscent of a certain movie; I can't quite place it. The one on the right reminds me of the Uruk-Hai captain in the assault on Helm's Deep.

This is a nice model, but the horse is white metal and is supposed to be standing on one back hoof. Insanity. I had to glue a piece of resin rod under the front hoof then paint it like wood and glue on some clump foliage.

I think it is unobtrusive, but needs must. The rest of the model is nice except for that mold line in the picture above. It just is not in a place that I could get at it with a file.

The dog is painted to look like my German Shepard, Finn. The close ups of the other base failed miserably; between lighting and focus they were unusable. Rest assured it's my best work ever and you'd love it.

These next four are command models to slot into my line cohorts. These are all Warlord Games metals, like the command stands above.

It's hard to tell from this angle but the Optio's helmet is askew. He is supposed to have a shield but after painting it I decided that I prefered him without. He looks fairly desperate and I thought the lack of a shield accentuated that.

I have a decal that fits the shield of the vexillarius but I hate them so much. After three failed attempts I just painted it on. As rough as it is I'd rather get my crappy shield tattooed on my forehead than try to get that damn decal on the shield again.

These stands mean I have a completely painted army to play with. Now. About that second legion...


  1. Nice work! Had you not mentioned the mold line, it would not have been noticed. Still even looking for it, I could not see it! Good solution on steadying your steed with a bit of terrain. I have done that with some of the BTD Warriors of Islam horses to prevent them from breaking off in play.

    1. Thank you Jonathan. I appreciate that.

  2. Great characters for your Army mate, they look greta and add a lot of flavour. The desperate Optio is my fav!

    1. Thanks mate. I really like that model a lot.


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