Saturday, March 04, 2017

6mm Sci/Fi begins

These are the first models for the 6mm Sci-Fi project. I got some deals on eBay for some epic 40k models, but didn't care all that much for the rules. Rhys and I played a game the other day he liked it.

This batch is ten space Marine models of various sorts. Or perhaps eight SM models and two of another provenance.

Two missile launchers. The missiles are actually olive drab. Its a sunny day and the light is less than optimal.

Side views. I have six more of these to repaint.

Predator. this is a very busy model and did not photograph well at all. So basically a toddler.

Last up is six rhinos.

Rhys likes the game and the models, and the price is right, so this one is a win.


  1. Exactly right! This is a winning project for you and your son!

    1. I think the key is that with the small scale there is a lot of abstraction, which is perfect for his attention span and learning disabilities.

  2. Nice plan, and quite cool models, too!

    1. Thank you. Rhys is enjoying this so far.


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