Saturday, March 11, 2017

More RPG models

This is a small entry. One full size figure and a cat.

This is Sybil, Templar-Cleric of Rosmerta. Rosmerta is a peaceful goddess, hearth and home sort of thing. There are very few Templars in the church and they are looked down on by the majority of the more peaceful priests. They are extremely valued by the church hierarchy however.

Sybil is a young priestess and is bothered by both the disdain of her co-coreligionists and the things she has seen and done in the service of her goddess. She is fearless and skilled in battle and her party members value the hell out of her.

Sybil is a Bones model. The face detail, as usual, is non-freaking-existent. Seriously. Everything you see there is paint. The rest of the model is very nice though. The armor especially has some really nice details in it.

I settled on the Carthaginian symbol for Rosmerta as it seemd appropriate, and is easy to paint.

It's a cat. One of the players just got a familiar.


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